A Valuable Outreach (NLHM)

New Life Sports

New Life Sports (NLS)  is an outreach arm designed to do many things. Through NLS we are able to introduce children, youth and young adults to new sports such as Cross Country, Road Racing, Soccer, Fencing, Karate and track & field. They provide excellent witnessing opportunities  as well as teachable moments for character building. NLS provides after school structured time for youth and quality mentoring time. The variety of sports we offer provide opportunities for youth who are not athletically  inclined to find sports they can excel in providing a way for them to battle Obesity. NLS has Formed a partnership with the Alabama Striders (alabamastriders.8k.com) which has expanded our involvement in regional and national Track and Field. Through this partnership, our youth have participated in every thing from local meets to the AAU National club Championships and the AAU Junior Olympics. This involvement has given the youth exposure to our nations diverse culture through traveling to meets from Florida to California.