New Life Harvest Ministries (NLHM)

About Us : We are Missionaries 
of the Lord Jesus Christ

New Life Harvest Ministries

We are a “Front line” ministry that meet people where they are in life. The Urban communities are our mission fields where we assess and  address the needs of people, and minister light in the midst of darkness as well as bring the love of Jesus Christ to a people not forgotten. Throughout our endeavors, faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ is established and nurtured. 

Pastor Willie, a twenty year veteran of the United States Navy and Evangelist Evelyn, former Commissioner of the Birmingham Housing Authority; both have over eighteen years of experience on the front line ministering and serving the Birmingham, Alabama Urban communities.

There have been many that have come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as well as other’s renewing their commitment to Jesus through the loving ministering of Pastor Willie and Evangelist Evelyn. Lives are changed through faith, hope, and an abundance of love that inspires the people to press forward to reach their God given destiny.

New Life Harvest  Ministries have been instrumental in assisting individuals and families in achieving various goals such as:

*   Obtaining a GED

*   Attending College

* Getting Married

*    Family Reunification

*   Community Volunteering

 Overcoming Drug and Alcohol


* Obtaining personal documents                                                                      (lost during their down times)

Due to the death of Evangelist Evelyn’s mother in July of 2008 and health concern’s of her father, New

Life Harvest  Ministries expanded to Maryland, and is still very much active in Alabama. 

The need for love and assistance is universal and can be found where ever we go. The proper development and guidance of the youth and teens are a growing concern to us, which through training support of existing Ministries and our continuous efforts with Age Group Track and Field a difference is being made reaching an endangered population. 

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