New Life Harvest Ministries (NLHM)


 New Life Harvest Ministries' mission in a word is Hope; in a phrase it is : Hope with a vision. "We bring hope to people through Jesus Christ by teaching God's grace, love, and power to bring forth mature men and women in Christ. We influence vision by teaching how to overcome an environment of immorality, alcoholism, and drug addiction through relevant presentation of the Gospel. Vision development includes helping people to overcome the obstacles that hinder change and growth.

These helps include; youth Bible clubs, drug and alcohol treatment programs, literacy programs, computer literacy training. computer based training for basic skills enhancement, women groups, sports programs, Health and Nutrition programs, feeding programs, youth work study programs, holiday programs, musical studio programs,  summer programs,  employment programs, community garden programs, volunteer programs, leadership programs, field trips, and many more holistic programs.

The key ingredient in working this mission is people with the love in their hearts to bear the burden of the soul trapped in this cycle of hopelessness. Therefore, the people involved in this ministry must be equipped for the mission. Ministry training is an ongoing process that must be guided by the Spirit motivated by love, for we discover uncharted territory daily. Through much prayer and networking with the body of Christ we know that hope and vision will push back the darkness.